Mind Your Head Launch

The Mind Your Head Challenge is being launched on Friday August 12th 2011 at Kingston Maurward College between 4 and 6 pm. This is part of our social responsibility project The Phoenix Legacy. Its purpose is to have mentally active people gaining greater independence and enjoyment from their later years. We aim to create a

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Put a Tiger in Your Tank

You may be old enough to remember this advertising slogan, but can you remember which company used it? In personal terms, does your motivation need a boost? Are you achieving as much as you know you are capable of? With all the doom and gloom merchants around, would some positive thinking be welcome? Achieving Your

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Successful Succession

A Positive Approach to Succession: November 25th We had a great event this week, which we designed in conjunction with Business Link, on the thorny subject of succession planning for farmers. Those that came found it ‘positive, enlightening and interesting’. One couple said how important it was to realise you’re not alone or stupid, as

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Igniting the Passion

At the Business Exchange meeting in Weymouth on June 24th, I gave a presentation on Igniting the Passion. Very often people say they are passionate about their business, and think that is enough. Hey, your competitors are passionate about their business too. You need to have a plan to capitalise on your passion to give

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Leading to 2012

“The leader of the past knows how to tell; the leader of the future will know how to ask.” Peter Drucker Today we ran a special workshop on Leading to 2012, which focused on what are the issues for 2012 and how can we help. The Olympics coming to Weymouth & Portland will provide new

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Building Confidence

Delegates at my recent workshop asked two key questions. How do I re-find my confidence? Confident people had lost faith in themselves after being on maternity leave, an abusive conflict situation, and receiving bad feedback. Are we actually born with confidence or is it something that we learn? Remembering the assured way my son demanded

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It Pays to Talk

Some trainers use actors to provide role plays. We like to give participants hands on experience. The delegates on our Effective Communication workshop on February 23rd provided two fascinating scenarios of how to deal with difficult behaviours. The key learning for them was: Do more of Avoid Plan and prepare before going into the situation

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Build Your Confidence

Tuesday 9th March 6.30 – 8 pm at The Centre for Health & Wellbeing, Weymouth Rosie Barfoot is giving a short workshop to help you build your confidence. This is a charity event. Lack of self-esteem, negative thinking, or fear of change often prevent people from trying to achieve their dream, or even accepting that

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Coaching for Managers

Award your managers with the essential skill to increase performance. The Institute of Leadership and Management Level 3 Award in Workplace Coaching for Team Leaders and First Line Managers (takes nearly as long to say as to deliver) provides a great way to increase your team’s skills and gain self development for your managers. A

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