Business Success in Dorset (S.I.D.)

Following on from my previous blog, I am asking for stories about business success in Dorset to counteract the doom and gloom merchants. We know there are successful businesses out there. A well publicised one is Well Worths in Dorchester, which made the National news. Even with the fantastic success on their opening day, the newsreader had to make some comment about how long it will last.

I visited Claire and her team on Saturday. The place was really busy. The store looks clean, modern, and there were lots of local products; even Dorset Chocolate Cow Poo!. Long may their success last, because they deserve it.

Dorset Cereals is another company which is doing well and growing. They now have products in 63 countries around the world. I can even buy it in North Cyprus, and  don’t have to take their muesli with me any more. (There is no muesli like it)

If your business is doing well, please let me know and let’s spread the word. Using an old slogan – tell S.I.D!  Pass it on.

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