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Do you believe that brain power, your people’s capacity to think, is the most valuable resource in your business? I do, because whilst finance, your people and your product or services are vital, without brain power, they will be ineffectually utilised. Your people can turn up and work, but do they bring the full capacity of their brains with them? How well are they thinking, being creative, making good decisions or staying focused on the goals? Also, think about yourself.

“The inventory, the value of my company, walks out the door every evening” Bill Gates

Our brains are incredible, but if they are overwhelmed, uncertain, stressed, fearful or unwell, they will not function to their full potential. Mental energy can haemorrhage from your business. Just as you would not waste money or sell sub-standard products, you need to value and protect this critical resource.

Questions of Brain Power

Here are some questions, I recommend you to consider.

mental wellbeing
Our thoughts can create our prison
  1. What percentage of the potential brain power in your workplace are you achieving?
  2. How might your leaders be impacting on this?
  3. What are you doing to protect mental wellbeing for yourself and your team?
  4. Do you have a mental wellbeing policy and how is it implemented?
  5. How well do you delegate thinking to your team?
  6. What creativity does your team bring to their work?
  7. How satisfied are you with the decisions and judgements made in your business?
  8. Has anyone on your team attended the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course?

If you would like to explore or improve the answers to these questions, we offer Thinking Leadership, which is a unique two day workshop to help you. It enables you to free your thinking and is delivered as an open course or in-house. It includes the Judgement Index, which is a powerful on-line assessment of your capacity to make good judgement, as well as your potential for stress and frustration.

Improving Brain Power

thinking leadership
Building a mental health strategy

Previous delegates have informed me, in the one-to-one follow up sessions, that it is a life changing course. They report that they:

  • Changed their thinking about themselves for improved self esteem and self care.
  • Remapped their thinking to take a different direction and break free of old habits.
  • Delegated thinking back to their teams through more consultative coaching leadership.
  • Have more patience with other ways of thinking and engaging more with their team.
  • Implemented a mental health policy and reduced the stigma of talking about mental health.
  • Made better more strategic decisions through understanding their judgement capacity.
  • Attended the MHFA course.
  • Feel less stressed and more optimistic for the future.

If you would like to discuss increasing the brain power and mental wellbeing in your business, please contact me. I am happy to help. If you wish to book places on Thinking Leadership, please let me know. We will donate £20 to Dorset Mind for every delegate attending.

“It opened my eyes to different ways of handling things. I couldn’t believe how spot-on the Judgement Index was. It was good to mix with different people from other organisations. The material was just right and met my particular needs” Siobhan Davis.

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