Thinking Leadership

You need thinking leadership, if you want to increase the brain power in your business. Having the right culture will encourage your team to fully utilise their mental potential.  Today, the impact of the Internet, the pace of change, and an ageing workforce puts enormous pressure on people’s ability to cope. With one in four people having mental health challenges at some time, it is essential to have a strategy to maintain the vitality of your team’s thinking and hold their attention.

“The quality of our thinking will determine the quality of our future”   Edward de Bono

Increasing the Brain Power in Your Team

Businesses are built on brain power, so it is vitally important that you make the best use of this important asset. This unique series of strategic workshops will enable you to:

  • Make better decisions on a daily basisBrain power leadership
  • Improve the factors of  your decision making capability
  • Keep attention on the business goals
  • Increase creativity and innovation
  • Adapt communication to meet different needs
  • Manage the mental well-being of your team
  • Increase profitability

The structured programme will provide you with the tools to ensure your business is running at maximum creative power and achieving the best from your team. Keep you and your team at the height of mental resilience and engagement for longer.

 Engage the Brain–Engage the Team

Discover how to empower your team through thinking leadership. Increase the brain power and the impact of creative thinking in your business.  Master techniques that will further engage your team.

 New Ways of Thinking

Today the profit goes to the prophets. Ensure the ability to create better ideas than your competitors. Gain a sustainable advantage to secure your future. Learn new ways of thinking and develop pro-active problem solving.

 Effective Decision Making

Measure and improve the judgement capability of you and your team for greater outcomes. Increase the potential to make the right decisions and deliver effective proposals for change.

“The series inspired us to allow people to perform to their best. We learnt how we need to tap into the potential brain power and to be mindful not to over pressurise individuals and teams. The problem solving techniques clearly identified how important it is to define the real issue in the first instance.”

Ian Jolliffe, (Former) Operations Manager, Sunseeker International