Mind Your Head Challenge

Creative Collaboration for Voluntary Organisations

If you are looking for new ways to promote your voluntary organisation, the concept of creative collaboration can provide a solution. It allows your message to reach a wider audience. ‘When you get goosebumps and tingles run up your spine, you know there is something special happening.’ said Rosie Barfoot, who had designed a unique […]

A View from The Verne

Paul Turner is one of our most pro-active Activity Providers. He and his daughter, Corinna, have been delivering Kings Cribbage at HMP The Verne, Portland.  Here are Paul’s thoughts. “Teaching people how to play Kings Cribbage (the classic card game Cribbage, which is played as a board game with tiles) in Prisons for the very first […]

Lessons from a Legacy – 3. Money, Money, Money

Abba sang ‘money, money, money must be funny in a rich man’s world’.  Unless you are rich, running a voluntary project needs to be financed by other sources. However good your idea is, there is nothing funny about trying to run a project with no money. Again, I would like to share my learning from […]

Lessons from a Legacy – 2. Consider the Consequences

“Success is a journey, not a destination” Exactly one year ago today, I awoke with the adrenaline pumping. I was going to be an Olympic Torch Bearer and my efforts would be beamed round the world. This was one consequence I never imagined when I founded the voluntary organisation; The Phoenix Legacy. In this second […]

The Human Brain May Win Again

This article is printed with the permission of Raymond Keene, OBE Ever since Baron Wolfgang von Kempelen, Aulic Counsellor to the Empress Maria Theresa, constructed his chess-playing automaton the Turk in 18th-century Vienna, scientists have dreamt of building a machine that could defeat the greatest human chess minds. As Goethe noted, chess is the touchstone […]

Is Growing Old a Choice?

As Abraham Lincoln said: ‘It’s not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years’. I believe there is a difference between the chronological act of aging and the state of mind of growing old. Every second of every day, everybody is aging. It is the inevitable that unites us all. […]

Lessons from a Legacy – 1. Supportive Inspiration

Since 2009, I have founded and lead a voluntary community project in Dorset. The Phoenix Legacy aim is to inspire people over 50 to be more active in mind,body and spirit, based on the London 2012 ‘inspire a generation’ concept. This project has been a steep learning curve for me and I would like to […]

Great Lifestyle Show for the Over 50’s in Dorset

The Southwest Over 50’s Lifestyle Show is in aid of Cancer Research UK and is on 18th April 2013 in the Premier Inn, Westover Road, Bournemouth (opposite the Pavilion). The Phoenix Legacy is pleased to be one of the exhibits. Come along to see 2 Fashion shows, take part in free wine tasting, enjoy a […]

Two Opportunities to Stimulate the Mind in Dorchester on February 15th

Friday February 15th sees two mind stimulating activities for those that want to shake up their ‘grey matter’. Weymouth Life Drawing Group, run by Susan R Hughes and Dorchester Arts are both registered as Mind Your Head Challenge Brain Cells and have very different events on almost next door to each other. ‘Encounters’ at Dorset County Museum starts with […]

Kings Cribbage and U3A bring about a “Meeting of The Minds”

The new Kings Cribbage teaching course sets off to a great start with the U3A Dorchester Branch. Twenty people signed up for the course following an introduction “Taster Event” in Oct 2012. Four players from a previous KC course with Age UK volunteered to support and help mentor new U3A players in the practice play […]

Hope, Opportunity and Control in Recovering Mental Well-Being

“Everyone has the right to well-being, to feeling positive about today and feeling hopeful for tomorrow” is the first line in the fantastic Spring 2013 Recovery Education Centre’s Prospectus. If you have had a time when life has felt out of control and empty of opportunity, then you will understand how beneficial getting effective support […]

Fantastic Support for Carers in Dorset

Despite all the news about support being cut during the recession, if you are an adult carer, there is someone out there who can help and guide you. St John Ambulance provided an excellent day in Dorchester as part of their Carers Support Programme. This included workshops and networking opportunities with a wide range of […]

Portland Philosophy Club Gets Off to Great Start

The first meeting of the new Portland Philosophy Club had 22 people attend plus 5 apologies.  This is a great endorsement of the courage of Douglas Pigg, Dryden Pennington and Roy Pepperell to start it. As their advert said – ‘The Portland Philosophy Club is not an oxymoron’. ( a figure of speech with pointed conjunction of […]

New Philosophy Club Coming to Portland

Douglas Pigg, an enthusiastic volunteer with the Mind Your Head Challenge, has been inspired to start a Philosophy Club on Portland, Dorset,  where he lives. This is something he has wanted to do for some time. He has now generated interest from about 18 people. The first meeting is on November 14th at the Jackson […]

Is There a Place for Autogenics & Mindfulness at Work to Improve Mental Well-being?

Performance in the workplace is becoming increasingly important. Employers want more out of their employers in an ever increasingly competitive market. Top businesses and sports people are now turning to cognitive training and mind awareness to help achieve their results. Among these techniques, autogenics and mindfulness are rising in popularity. The important distinction that is […]