Finding the Right Success Ingredients

What would be the right success ingredients for you? In this case, the proposed recipe is for your future business growth. There were some great ideas and a real buzz generated at our recent event for local Food and Drink producers on this topic. Taking a different creative perspective highlighted new ideas for delegates. The aim […]

Effective Feedback that is Brain Friendly

Effective feedback was the subject of an excellent webinar by the Neuroleadership Institute. It focused on the neuroscience of how the brain likes to receive feedback and how to reduce the threat response. This article is a combination of my learning from this, plus past experience. People need better feedback. Frequent, quality feedback ensures improvement. […]

Reducing Your Managers’ Concerns

Managers’ concerns about aspects of their job will influence their confidence to perform. Do you know what concerns your managers have? I am always impressed by the potential and commitment of the managers I meet. They can realise much more of this potential by having the support of their line managers. This might involve listening […]

Are You Being Fair to Your First Line Managers?

People can get promoted to first line managers because they are good at their job or have length of service. However, they may not be given all ‘the tools’ they need to lead and manage their team. These same people may then be criticised for not performing. Is this fair? More than a third of […]

Creating a Business Success Recipe

What will your business success recipe contain? Business strategies come in many forms. You need one that is right for you. Why not try the business success recipe? A new approach can generate inspiring and innovative ideas. A recipe is defined as a device which is likely to lead to a particular outcome. It outlines […]

5 Questions for Building a Learning Culture

Is it time to rethink the learning culture in your business? While we may recognise the importance of growing our people so the business can grow, the question is whether the culture of learning is fit for purpose. Access to learning and development is cited as a key criteria for joining or leaving a company. […]

Insights into Giving Feedback that Works

Giving feedback is a critical skill. Leaders and managers can use it to develop and motivate their people. It is key to improving performance. The latest neuroscience research shows how we can have greater impact and give more effective feedback. The Neuroleadership Institute runs an annual summit to look at how this research can be […]

The Precious Gift of Better Mental Health

Better mental health is the most precious gift we can give anyone. Basically, there is no health without mental health. Yet the holiday period can be an anxious, stressful or depressing time for some. ‘Deck the halls and let’s be jolly’ may not come easily. We can all make a difference to mental wellbeing this […]

Defining the Purpose of Performance Appraisals

The purpose of performance appraisals is evolving. Effective performance reviews or appraisals, (or what ever name you call them) have many benefits for the individual, managers and company. Why is it then that many people still ‘dread’ them? It is evident that organisations need to know how well their people are performing, just as much […]

Combining Storytelling and Cartooning

The essence of storytelling and cartooning is about painting a picture for your audience. These are two competencies I would recommend for any presenter or leader. I believe combining them together makes them particularly powerful. Storytelling “Stories are the most powerful delivery tool for information, more powerful and enduring than any other art form” according […]