5 Questions for Building a Learning Culture

Is it time to rethink the learning culture in your business? While we may recognise the importance of growing our people so the business can grow, the question is whether the culture of learning is fit for purpose. Access to learning and development is cited as a key criteria for joining or leaving a company. […]

Insights into Giving Feedback that Works

Giving feedback is a critical skill. Leaders and managers can use it to develop and motivate their people. It is key to improving performance. The latest neuroscience research shows how we can have greater impact and give more effective feedback. The Neuroleadership Institute runs an annual summit to look at how this research can be […]

The Precious Gift of Better Mental Health

Better mental health is the most precious gift we can give anyone. Basically, there is no health without mental health. Yet the holiday period can be an anxious, stressful or depressing time for some. ‘Deck the halls and let’s be jolly’ may not come easily. We can all make a difference to mental wellbeing this […]

Defining the Purpose of Performance Appraisals

The purpose of performance appraisals is evolving. Effective performance reviews or appraisals, (or what ever name you call them) have many benefits for the individual, managers and company. Why is it then that many people still ‘dread’ them? It is evident that organisations need to know how well their people are performing, just as much […]

Combining Storytelling and Cartooning

The essence of storytelling and cartooning is about painting a picture for your audience. These are two competencies I would recommend for any presenter or leader. I believe combining them together makes them particularly powerful. Storytelling “Stories are the most powerful delivery tool for information, more powerful and enduring than any other art form” according […]

Britain Needs a Warm SCARF Now

What Britain needs now is a warm SCARF. The winds of change are blowing hard through our country and political parties. New leaders are in place. Stormy waters may lie ahead.  We need all our leaders, (political, business, spiritual, etc,) to provide us with a SCARF of  Status – Certainty – Autonomy – Relatedness – […]

25 Pieces of Trainer Wisdom

I would like to share 25 pieces of wisdom I have gained over my time as a trainer. As we celebrate the amazing 25 years that Training for Results has been in business, it is a good time to look back on what I’ve learnt. A phrase which is too often used in the media […]

Leadership on the Line

Leadership on the line has been inspired by a number of unique learning opportunities for me. The purpose of the article is to raise questions that many leaders may face in their working day. The Line of the Psychological Contract Setting expectations is one of the first aspects we emphasise on our leadership courses. The […]

Preparing Effective Meetings

We have all been to them – those really bad meetings – probably more than we would like. Before you get defensive, I’m not talking about your meetings.  They are of course beyond reproval … always!  However, you do know what I mean by the ‘waste of time’ meetings that all of us have had […]

Engaging Change with Effective Leadership

The book, Engaging Change by Mark Wilcox and Mark Jenkins, provides a very practical and convincing process for a people-centred approach to managing change. There is a strong necessity to have a structured process like this when things are in turmoil and people are anxious. It provides reassurance that, as a team, you are going […]